A revolutionary record label harnesses plant power to create a new genre of music.
Project featured in the Briefbox Graduate Showcase 2021 (Biosynth). Read more here.
visual identity, motion, interactive, and 3D design

The Brief (Final Year Uni Brief)
Exploring new creative pathways in sound production. With music now being made by robots and AI, where else can we look to push the boundaries in music production?

The Concept
Imagine a music label with plants and fungi as its artists. That is the concept behind Biosynth, a record label that explores the process of creating music through biodata sonification. Biodata sonification devices: ‘generates MIDI notes when a change in conductivity is detected, allowing a user to listen in to the invisible biological processes occurring within plants’ (electricityforprogress.com).
The Solution
The solution is to build a visual identity that helps the audience to engage with the immersive experience of this music, using a blend of technology, music, and nature to create the record label, Biosynth. The second solution is to promote an event at the Eden Project, run by Biosynth, called Botanica.
12" Vinyls
As well as digital streaming platforms, listeners can also buy vinyl records of the music, each album created by different plants: dandelions, succulents, funghi.
Botanica Festival, presented by Biosynth. An experimental audio-visual festival that immerses you into the invisible world of electronic organic music.
Admission Ticket
Admission Ticket
Souvenir Cassette Recording of the experience
Souvenir Cassette Recording of the experience
Augmented Reality 
Festival-goers can immerse themselves in the music and visuals that are at the forefront of this event, through AR.
The user scans the record icon on the screen (several will be placed about the event) next to a certain plant and then using augmented reality, the user can see the plant music visualised through augmented reality.
Ties in with the tagline that the audience will be able to hear, see and experience the invisible symphony from the plants.

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