The Brief (Final Year Uni Brief)
Creating a visual identity, stings/idents, and a landing page for a science channel called 'New Laws'. The target audience are adults who have a keen interest in science.
The Concept
The visual identity takes the form of a petri dish, a tool that everyone interested in science will be instantly familiar with. The low angle of the camera in the sting will help draw the audience to the channel, and the microsite, with its inverted colour scheme, will encourage people to explore the unfamiliar sides of science.
I used Cinema4D to create the ident for the New Laws channel. I decided to base the channel to be focused on lab testing and drug forensics. Molecule models, test samples and forensics form tied in my theme in the ident. 
Developing a microsite to promote the channel and encourage user interaction with the new channel as a whole. I created some videos using petri dishes for the microsite visuals. Users can interact with the microsite visuals (as shown in the video below).

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